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Embun Resort Group

We believe hospitality and service is utmost important to satisfy guest and we want to ensure every holiday or event will be memorable

Embun Lake Sahom


Embun Resort Lake Sahom

Designed for family getaway and team building, Embun Resort Lake Sahom is ideally situated in Kampar, Perak. The 2-storey resort offers 20 rooms which all are overlooking the swimming pool and lake. Many outdoor activities can be enjoyed here. The nature greenery landscape of the valley and tranquility are the main highlights of the resort.

Embun Lake Sahom
embun resort putrajaya


Embun Resort Putrajaya

The resort is located in Kajang at the enclave of Putrajaya. With a English garden concept, the resort consist of 20 rooms and includes a large marquee tent which can fit up to 400 pax. The marquee tent is built for any event such as weddings, corporate events and many more.

sungai salu

Coming Soon 2024

Embun Resort

The upcoming resort is located in Perak and is surrounded by the rainforest. It will consist of 10 private villas and a 2-storey building with 20 rooms. The surrounding highlight of the resort is a waterfall and a river creek where guests can enjoy.

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